Find factory to manufacture invention

Search for factory and offer a bid to manufacture an invention

Service Features:

HiTech Express offers a manufacturer’s search service and offers quotations to manufacture any invention, where the customer provides us with the specifications and drawings of the invention. The prototype of the invention to be manufactured is for our team to process the search for the plant and provide the customer with a report containing the following:

• Provide a list of the best and strongest quotations from Chinese approved and certified markets and factories from the Chinese government.
• The cost of manufacturing the invention is inclusive of approximate value for international shipping
• Provide backup services for all your factory enquiries, shipping and clearing mechanisms.
• Quotations include all the details of the final product of the invention from photographs, data, prices and quantities, as well as the time it takes to process the application.
• Make special quotations for the manufacturing requirements of your invention within 7-14 working days depending on the nature of the invention from the date of application.
Meet the quality requirements and requirements of the specifications and standards body (as requested by the customer).

Conditions of Service:

• The invention shall not be contrary to the laws and policies of the State of origin and shall be known to the customer prior to the submission of the application.
• Patent registration is required before the research process is initiated with a view to manufacturing.
• If the customer wishes to send the sample prototype of the invention to the company in China, the sample fee will be charged + shipped by the customer.


Service Cost:

1. The cost of a factory search and bidding service for the manufacture of one invention is SAR 750/US $200 not refunded if the manufacturing offer is not rejected. If the customer agrees to the request to manufacture the invention mentioned in the quotation, it will be deducted from the order value.

2. The prices to be provided depend on the accuracy and clarity of the information included in the details of the request mobilized by the inventor, as adopted to the quantity required and to determine precisely the level of quality of the product required, the means, timing, destination and the agreed international shipping requirement.

3. Inventions containing specific and precise technical specifications and details that may require additional charges, which will be reported to the customer before the start of the search.


Why do you pay fees?

Search fees are considered to be the provider of the company’s amount, through which it seeks to provide an expert energy in China to search the customer for factories and companies. The state-approved and provide the best price offer can be obtained, as the company comes to a lot of customers to make a search and there is no real desire to import, so We charge these fees and when you approve the application we will deduct them from the order value.