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Import and export

Through its website and offices, the company provides many unique and diverse services in the field of import and export of the various products through the company’s distinguished relations network and contracts with the best suppliers and factories in China, in addition to its contracts and relations with professional shipping agents who cover all over the world, by air, land and sea.

Import & Export Services:

1- Sourcing for appropriate providers and products.
2- Provide sophisticated factories under our supervision.
3- Supply of the various project needs to companies and factories.
4- Supply, installation, operation and maintenance of production lines and security of raw materials and their spare parts.
5- Contracting with well qualified inspection company to assure the manufacturing progress to be ready for shipment.
6- Finalizing the official documents to be sent to the beneficiaries before the shipment completion.
7- Air and Sea shipment.
8- Door to door service.

Inspection, Quality and Compliance Services

Our company provides customers with inspection services for goods from production to before shipment through relationships and contracts that link our company with various internationally recognized quality laboratories located in various Chinese cities, to ensure the manufacture and supply of high-quality products and deliver them to the final destination in accordance with the client’s specifications.

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International Business Matchmaking Services

Our company provides its clients with conciliation and matching services for international business to provide and offer opportunities related to investment projects and strategic partnerships at the international level with a view to promoting investment and commercial exchange opportunities with the People’s Republic of China in the following areas:

Direct or joint investments in existing or promising industrial and commercial projects –
Direct or joint investments in government projects related to infrastructure projects, development projects and real estate investment.

Projects related to the opportunities of commercial agencies and franchises-
Projects related to opening export outlets and channels to the People’s Republic of China.

– Organizing specialized forums and exhibitions to reconcile business, and promote investment and commercial opportunities with the People’s Republic of China.

– Providing consultations and feasibility studies related to investment opportunities, management and implementation of project contracts resulting from the reconciliation of works

Support of inventors

Through its website, the company provides services for support of the ideas of inventors, entrepreneurs and transformation. Besides, translating their ideas into tangible projects, through the professional services provided by the company in design and printing of three-dimensional models of the projects to be ready for manufacturing and marketing. In addition, to provide opportunities of their services or products and market them to the local and international levels.

Organization of commercial events and international exhibitions

The company provides its clients, many unique and varied services during the period of exhibitions that are announced in the company’s website, which include:


– Events and consultations in the field of trade, import and export with China.

– Hotel reservations and reception to and from the airport for commercial delegations.

– Providing visa support services.

– Issuing invitation letters for a commercial visit.

– Reservations of domestic transportation in China.

– Provide a private driver for the customer.

– Legal translation of contracts and commercial correspondence.

– Providing translators with a high level of experience and   knowledge of markets and factories.

Providing entry cards for exhibitions. –

– Organizing commercial visits to the factories participating in the exhibitions.

– Organizing recreational tourism programs for the landmarks of China.

Men and women clothes Culinary and table ware Consumer electronics
Children clothes   Ceramics Electronic and electrical products
Underwear Domestic tools Computer and communication products
Sports and ordinary wear Personal care products Domestic electric appliances
Costume accessories Water closets Light equipment
Raw textiles and fabrics Games Cars and spare parts
Carpet Gifts External section cars
Shoes Festival products Small  machines
Office supplies Ceramic art Big machinery and equipment
Bags Art and glass works Building machines
Sports, travel and journey products Textile, straw and  steel arts Tools and instruments
Consumable medical devices House decoration Building materials and decoration
Food materials and foods and steel products Toilet and sanitary sewerage equipment
medal products Orchard products Furniture
Raw materials  Smart houses Solar energy products and

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