Shipping Services

Air and sea freight services
We are happy to offer integrated services at very premium rates through our air and sea freight packages and through a range of renowned global companies, which we seek to offer a unique and distinctive service that includes:-
1. Receive customer shipments from suppliers and ensure that they are safe and conform to customer requirements.
2. Follow-up receipt by shipping company of shipments from suppliers.
3. Issuing certificates of origin and issuing all necessary documents for export.
4. Issuing insurance certificates for the shipment (as requested by the customer).
5. Notify the customer of all details concerning the movement of the shipment from the date it was sent to its arrival date via the text messaging service to its own phone.
6-Follow the arrival of shipments to airports and ports.
7. Assign an employee from the Customer Service section to follow up all customer enquiries and respond to them within 24 hours maximum.
8. Follow up on customer’s receipt of the shipment.